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Welcome Tao Zhang(张涛)from China Agricultural University to be committee member!


A.Prof.  Tao Zhang (张涛),

China Agricultural University,

College of Resources and Environmental SciencesChina

Research Area:

Waste disposal and resource utilization

Research experience: 

Academic awards:

1. Excellent Paper Award of Agriculture Department Livestock Husbandry Division Livestock and Poultry Manure Recycling Forum(2018);

2. Invention and Entrepreneurship Award of China Invention Association(2017);

3. Second Prize of outstanding project of young teachers ' social investigation in Beijing(2017);

4. Outstanding undergraduate thesis Guidance Teacher Award of China Agricultural University(2017, 2013);

5. Silver Award of the Nineth Annual International Invention Exhibition(2016);

6. ExcellentTeacher Award of China Agricultural University(2016)

7. Excellent Academic Report Award of the 15th of the ChineseYoung Soil Scientists and the tenth Chinese Youth Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer Science Workers symposium(2016).

Scientific research project:  

1. National Key research and Development Program Project "study on the key technologies of controlling the harmful substances of manure and biogas slurry and the safe utilization of farmland"(2016.7-2020.12)

2. National Key research and Development Program Project "biological transformation mechanism and maturity characteristics of agricultural wastes"(2017.7-2020.12)

3. National Natural Science Foundation "study on the synergistic mechanism of the microwave effect on phosphorus crystallization process of livestock and poultry wastewater"(2015.1-2017.12)

4. Beijing Natural Science Foundation "study on the influence and regulation of organic impurities in phosphorus crystallization process of typical farm wastewater in Beijing suburbs"(2014.1-2015.12)

5.  Special Scientific Research Fund of Ministry of Education of China "preparation of magnesium modified carbon and identification of enhanced nitrogen and phosphorus adsorption mechanism"(2013.1-2015.12)


Prof. Zhang has made outstanding achievements based on the scientific and technology research of the harmless treatment and resources utilization of livestock and poultry waste from theoretical innovation, integrated innovation to collaborative innovation. He deeply studied and developed the theoretical system and technical framework for the recovery of livestock and poultry excrement and phosphorus by pyrolysis-cyclic fluidized-crystal coupling, which has achieved fruitful results in the process of livestock and poultry breeding, such as the coupling of nitrogen and phosphorus, the key regulation and control techniques of heavy metal precipitation separation. He has published 44 academic papers, applied 18 national invention patents (13 have been authorized), applied and been authorized 1 international invention patent and participated 3 publication of monographs.

Important Dates

截稿日期|Submission Deadline: 

April 07, 2020


注册日期|Registration Deadline: 

April 08, 2020


录用通知|Notification Date:

About a week after submission


会议时间|Conference Date: 

April 10-12 , 2020

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